About LMZ

St Lucia's 1st Video Streaming Community Website For Benefiting Local Video Creators

What We Do

LMZ creates an opportunity for Saint Lucian video creators to upload and stream their video content and earn from it based on engagement. We aim to maximize social engagement and entertainment to encourage more streaming and exposure for registered video creators; this will profit video creators through the royalties feature and free viral share features added to the website. Video creators will start earning royalties right from the publication of their content so this proves valuable to low-profiting creators with little recognition as well.


What We Don’t Do

  • We do not claim rights or control over any videos uploaded by video creators; as long as the videos remain in accordance with our policies, the uploader owns every right and responsibility to that content.
  • We do not intend to remodel or reuse any videos without the uploader’s permission; if any need for a video to be used by the site admin, the uploader for the video in question will receive a request.
  • We do not sell anyone’s content out of any agreements with the uploader; we have the capability to sell content to viewers but strictly prohibit unauthorized sales of any user-created content.


Basic Summary of Lucian Media Zone

The main concept of the website compares to YouTube with the integration of social media community features like Facebook. Incentives, such as a point system (site experience & engagement) and site credits (site payable currency) have also been considered for all users to benefit from through rewardable promotions over time, however, it is only video creators’ royalties that are withdrawable i.e. Credits are used only for on-site payments and can be bought using USD whereas Royalties are earnings paid to publishers per view on their content. In order to provide these royalties to creators, we may run video ads along with site-wide ads to generate revenue in order to improve cost per view and reward deliverability. Therefore, it is necessary for the implementation of ads to be allowed for administrative use.


How & Why Lucian Media Zone Was Created

This website has gone through many phases, changes, and offline periods since its initial development. Lucian Media Zone stems back from 2018 when it first came online as a blogging website, during which time YouTube embed codes were being used and sometimes involved videos being re-uploaded which proved a hassle and limitation by some creators disallowing the re-upload of their content to our channel. However, its reign as a blogging website was short-lived as this could not be an entertaining platform for its visitors or users. Since then, it has been a lot of research and searches for a new design to create a feature-rich web platform for Lucian video creators and their fans.

After rebuilding and redesigning the website to suit video content, there has been much change in scripts and themes that varied in design and features but always came out with limited compatibility or too many bugs. At that point, user registration had been enabled for front-end postings but was only allowed to use YouTube, Vimeo, or daily motion video links for post creation. It seemed fascinating at first to be able to pull video data such as views, likes, comments, etc from these video sites, however, that would also limit our capabilities to provide benefits to video creators and publishers on Lucian Media Zone; this is due to the change in policies by YouTube and other video hosting websites that we would have to abide by and become more restricted as to how we can use these videos to generate more engagement and revenue to give back to our publishers. On the other hand, finding an affordable and reliable solution to self-hosting videos was proving complicated and so a little more thought and research had to be considered.

In exploring more possibilities to recreate our plan, we came across video sharing solutions that included social media features integration and it seemed like a great idea to add to the project; maintaining social engagement and interest would greatly improve video engagement on the website. Since then we attempted creating this website again but this time with a social media design and adding video media compatibility to complete the project, however, this still came with limitations like channel creation and management, as well as the ability to autoplay and auto next through videos like someone listening to music would rather. Lucian Media Zone was then put down again and made second to other projects while waiting for a request in updated development to be fulfilled.

Since then, a once used and disappointing option was revisited after major updates in its capabilities and design, and this time came closer to satisfaction so we decided to recreate the website using that script and making the necessary changes over time. Social media features, despite its poor design, were integrated as well as self-hosting capability so that was enough to get off the ground and start moving in the right direction allowing video creators to upload their own videos, enjoy community features, allow ad revenue to make serving royalties to video creators possible and keeping most of the content on the site free for users and visitors.

We continue to thank all artists and other video creators who have been assisting us along the way for this to become possible and to the rest who gave permission to use their video content to populate the site for design completion.

We want to make this website profitable and beneficial for video creators to earn from their hard work and remain motivated in doing what they love. And also to the subscribed users engaging in the feature-rich content of this website to have a great and entertaining experience. Become a part of promotions and competitions to win rewards along the way!

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