About Us

Taking Saint Lucian Entertainment
To The Next Level!

Who We Are

Lucian Media Zone is basically a video/audio streaming platform which is built and designed for Saint Lucian creators. The user friendly form submissions allow creators to upload their own media content or embed them from external platforms like YouTube, SoundCloud, Spotify, etc. Creators can earn through royalties per engagement or selling their content on the platform. Live Streaming and Pay-Per-View are on the cards for introduction while live commenting is already added to enable engagement between creators and their viewers. In addition to helping uplift the artform, we also provide advertisement services to users and businesses across the platform.

What We Do...

We act as the one stop for all of St Lucia’s streaming entertainment from local creators. We use our own marketing strategies and expertise to help drive traffic to the platform, amplifying the exposure and engagement to the content uploaded by users, also providing them with opportunities to earn based on the engagement for their work. We keep our paid plans affordable for creators to ensure that even the lowest profiting or new creators can benefit from the services and opportunities we provide.


What We DON'T Do...

We do not claim rights or control over any videos uploaded by video creators; as long as the videos remain in accordance with our policies, the uploader owns every right and responsibility to that content.

We do not intend to remodel or reuse any videos without the uploader’s permission; if any need for a video to be used by the site admin, the uploader for the video in question will receive a request.

We do not sell anyone’s content out of any agreements with the uploader; we have the capability to sell content to viewers but strictly prohibit unauthorized sales of any user-created content.

Our Main Objective

Lucian Media Zone has gone through many phases and downtime since its introduction back in 2018 as a blog site. Back then using video embeds was a very huge limitation for us getting creators to agree for us to reupload their videos to our YouTube channel for safe embedding. In addition to this, blogging about music and videos was just not any form of entertainment for viewers. 

We’ve since then moved our focus from just assisting in exposure and boosting marketing, to add on to the idea of media entertainment for the viewers; driving traffic to the content and providing them with a reason to stay. 

To date, our new objective is to help creators reach and expand on their goals in the media industry by providing them with an entertainment platform to publish and engage their hard work, filtering out discouragement and loss from a lack of marketing options, earnings and exposure.

This platform is meant to feel like an entertainment home for lucians and their artwork while creators can sit the comfort as their home business; earning from their content that is posted on the platform. Of course, it is the work of creators that build the platform into its success and that’s why we do our best to monetize the platform so that we can give back to creators as a payment for their content.