User Content & Benefits

Does the website admin claim rights to my videos after I upload them?

No. We do not claim any rights to your content or its use.

Why are their ads on my videos?

Ad revenue allows us to serve royalties to you and keep the uploading service free as well as keep this content free for your viewers so you can get the best earnings.

Can I sell premium content on this website?

It is possible however remains under slow development until the urgency arrives. If you wish, contact us for more information on how this can be done.

Why are there socials buttons inside my posts?

These social share buttons are viral share buttons that encourage your viewers to share your videos across their social accounts and earn points as a reward.

Who can become a video-manager?

This website is for Saint Lucian video creators, therefore, Lucian nationals with proof of nationality/roots are all welcome to apply.

Why is only Saint Lucian videos allowed?

This site remains a Lucian brand that aims to boost local content, improve its deliverability and compensate uploaders per video engagement. We created this home for local video creators to be recognized as a Saint Lucian product and therefore the video content needs to be of this origin.

What is the maximum file upload size for a video manager?

The maximum file upload size is currently set to 512MB.

How is Lucian Media Zone better?

We integrate our own marketing strategies into your posts for FREE to help maximize exposure and interaction with both site members and visitors.

We also offer you royalties per view as soon as your video is published and categorize content in ways that will mix up videos of both low and high popularity to allow all creators the opportunity to get recognition.

Points & Rewards System

What are Credits and what are they used for?

Credits are the website’s currency. It is used for on-site transactions like unlocking content or making other purchases.

How do I earn Credits?

Credits can be earned as rewards, through promotions, or by partaking in competitions. The easiest way to earn credits is by purchasing on the website.

What is the conversion rate for Credits?

1 Credit is equivalent to 1 XCD (EC Dollar) and is purchased in USD which converts as (1 Cr = 0.375 USD)

What are Royalties and what are they used for?

Royalties refer to the earnings that a video creator receives per view on the website and can be used to purchase Credits.

Can I withdraw my royalties for cash?

Of course. This is your earnings per engagement on your uploaded videos on the website, therefore you can request a withdrawal.

How much do I earn from Royalties?

Currently, this is set at XCD $0.008 per view but may change based on varying circumstances.

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