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Here are a list of frequently asked questions by our users. Try finding the answer to your questions or contact us...

Yes. Signing up is free for all users.

On Mobile

1. Select the user icon in the top right corner of the screen.

2. Select the “register” button on the bottom of the login form.

3. Enter your account details then click the “submit” button

4. Verify your account from the verification email sent to you.

5. You will receive a notice of successful verification. You can now login to your new account.

On Mobile

1. Select the user icon on the top right corner of your screen to open the login form. Enter credentials and log into your account.

On Mobile

1. Select the “Membership Plans” icon at the bottom of the screen.

2. Choose an available membership plan of your choice.

3. After selecting a membership plan, click the “Next” button to continue.

4. Follow the payment and sign up that follows, then click the “submit” button.

On Mobile

1. Select the “Create” icon at the bottom of the screen.

2A. Upload New Video/Audio

(1a) Toggle between “Video” or “Audio” to choose your content type.

(2a) Keep the “Upload” icon selected for uploading your own video/audio.

(3a) Click the “Select File” button to upload the video/audio file.

2B. Embed External Video/Audio

(1b) Toggle between “Video” or “Audio” to choose your content type.

(2b) Switch/Toggle to the “External Link” icon for adding external URLs.

(3b) Copy and paste the video/audio url in the box provided.

NOTE: YouTube links are currently supported for external videos | Soundcloud and Spotify links are currently supported for external audios.

3. A preview/demo is a short version of the video/audio used like a trailer when selling the content. Follow the steps in #2 above if you need help.

4. Post Title refers to the title of the video/audio

5. Post Tags must be added to help improve SEO, make your content more specific to categories and improve your chances of matching queries that enable your content to show up on the front page. (NOTE: Be sure to add the year, genre and more specific tags like the examples used below). Each tag must be separated by a comma “,”.

6. Choose the video/audio categories.

7. Featured Image/Thumbnail is the picture shown as the cover of your post in the posts list.

8. Post Description is more information about the video/audio you are uploading along with any other necessary information.

9. Privacy refers to who you want to see your posts. Therefore, if you don’t want your video to be seen, select “Private”. Otherwise, I recommend keeping it on “Public”

After completing this form, click the “Create Post” button to upload new post.

PLEASE NOTE: For external links, you only need to add the external url, post title, post tags and categories. The website will pull the rest of the content from the original post on the other website.

After submitting, you will then receive a notification above the form showing whether your upload was successful.

This refers to a method of selling access to your content; You add the purchase price that the viewers pay to view the video or listen to the audio.

The expiration date is a way to put a limit on the content access after purchase just like a subscription; if this is set to 1 day, then the logged in user who purchases this access has exactly 24 hours from the purchase time to view the content as many times as they like. If the expiration is left blank or set to 0, then the user will have lifetime access to the content whenever they’re logged into the account that is was purchased with.

When you publish content, you earn royalties when people view/listen to your media posts.

Royalties are separated between logged in and non logged in viewers.

  1. Logged in viewers earn you $0.010 per view.
  2. Non logged in viewers earn you $0.007 per view.

Currently, 20% of the audio/video have to be streamed to earn royalties.

Yes. Royalties are your earnings and can be requested once you’ve reached the threshold.

That depends. When content access is sold, the creator is paid with points most often and royalties by other creators. Therefore the earnings from selling content can be withdrawn On any other circumstances, this has to be looked into by an administrator but rightfully, only earnings are meant to be withdrawn.

Currently, the withdrawal threshold is $50.00.

Ads are measured by:

1. Clicks (when users click on the ads)

2. Duration (how long the ad displays on the website)

3. Impression (how many times users see the ads; measured by every 1000 views)